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Conference at the Cité – 24th november

Round tables at La Cité in Beaune!

How to taste wine? How to appreciate and talk about it? The art of wine tasting is not always easy. At this conference, you’ll be able to decipher the codes of wine tasting.

It’s an opportunity to break down your apprehensions about wine and awaken your senses and olfactory memories!
Tasting will hold no secrets for you.

The round table will be led by Gabriel Lepousez, neurobiologist and specialist in the sensory perception of aromas, Jacky Rigaux, author and specialist in wine terroirs and wine tasting, and Jean-Pierre Renard, trainer at the Burgundy Wine School.

A moment of exchange, learning and sharing, followed by a tasting of two wines for the glass of friendship (2 expressions of Chardonnay from 2 different terroirs).