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Grande route des vins

Five different itineraries to discover the wines of Bourgogne

By bicycle, by car or on foot, explore some little-used paths to discover the wines of Bourgogne. Created just for you, the region’s tourist trails lead you straight to the door of a range of estates, cooperatives and maisons de négoce. There, you will receive a warm welcome from winegrowers and négociants, and will enjoy tasting wines and exploring the region’s rich heritage.


Instructions to follow in the vineyard

The winegrowers of the Bourgogne region are proud and happy to introduce you to their terroir and their profession. The landscapes through which you will pass require a lot of care and attention year-round. It is therefore essential to properly understand the profession of winegrower and the constraints it involves in order to visit the region in complete safety.

• Safety
Remain vigilant regarding vineyard tractors. Tractors may be exiting plots to maneuver or change row, for example. They may also be driving on tracks alongside walkers or cyclists.

Do not enter the plots, especially if a tractor is operating there. Firstly, because plots are private land. And secondly, because the vines may have been treated shortly before your arrival, requiring a period of time before people are allowed to enter.

• Respect the environnement
Keep places tidy and do not litter in the vines.

• Respect people
Remember that when you’re walking through the vines, the people you may encounter there are working.

• Talking and understanding
Spring and summer are very busy periods for winegrowers and the workload is intense. They may not have time to stop and chat. If you’d like to know more, it is best to call the estate prior to your visit and arrange an appointment when the winegrower will be available. They will be able to talk to you about the terroir, their vines, and their wine, in a more relaxed atmosphere.