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Words of Patrons

Discover the testimonials of patrons who support the Cité des Climats te vins de Bourgogne.

Maison Albert Bichot

Great Founder

“Being one of the Great Founders of the Cité is an honor for our Maison, a tribute to Burgundy and its Climats which deserve it in proportion to their history and their exceptional characteristic.”

Boisset – The Family of Great Wines

Great Founder

“Follow-on from the inclusion of the Climats as a UNESCO World Heritage, the new Cité des Climats et vins de Bourgogne will help to strengthen the image and the renown of the Burgundy, its wines and its savoir-faire. We must perpetuate our cultural and living heritage by passing down comprehension and knowledge to present and future generations.”

Bouchard Père & Fils

Great Founder

“Maison Bouchard Père & Fils joins forces and proudly supports this great project. It will offer to Burgundians and lovers of French wine heritage a unique interpretation center in the world on local viticulture, which is the specific genius of Burgundy.”

Maison Joseph Drouhin

Great Founder

“Burgundy is a welcoming land. All of the Cité from Chablis to Mâcon, will showcase the extraordianry diversity of our appellations, but also to guide the informed or neophyte public in the comprehension of our Climats.”

Laurent Delaunay – Owner of Maison Edouard Delaunay

Great Founder

“In a few years, Edouard Delaunay has made a remarkable comeback in the very closed circle of the great Burgundy Maisons. As we did for the inclusion of the Climats of Burgundy as a UNESCO World Heritage, it seemed only natural to me to contribute by actively supporting the Cité des Climats et vins de Bourgogne as Grand Founder, thus showing our attachment and our gratitude to the unique terroirs, history and culture that have made Burgundy what we are.”

Maison Louis Jadot – Pierre Henry-Gagey

Great Founder

“The Cité is the major project of the 2020s following on from the inclusion of the Climats as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is part of both respect for history and the Burgundian tradition in an idea of permanent search for progress of a living Burgundy turned towards the future.”

Domaine Marquis d’Angerville

Great Founder

“My support for this patronage campaign is an extension of my previous commitment to the presidency of the Association des Climats du vignoble de Bourgogne, which now needs a quality interpretation center.”

Crédit Agricole Champagne Bourgogne & Crédit Agricole Centre-Est

Great Patron

“Crédit Agricole is present alongside the profession through numerous wine events. It supports the development of the region and the actors who make the richness of the territory and the reputation of its wines. It is with great pride that he is today Grand Patron of the Cité des Climats et vins de Bourgogne. A project that makes sense and above all echoes the values it defends and shares historically.”


Great Patron

“Through their 2,000 years of history, the Climats du vignoble de Bourgogne have taught us that the transmission of knowledge is one of the keys to understanding great wines. Today, we are proud to be able to support the Cité des Climats et vins de Bourgogne and to have the opportunity to become one of the links in this chain of transmission which aims to protect and perpetuate the tradition and heritage of Burgundy wines.”

Hillebrand Gori France

Great Patron

“Passion, care and respect for the products we store and transport are at the heart of our values. The Cité des Climats et vins de Bourgogne will make it possible to transmit this passion for the history, culture and heritage of wine-growing Burgundy, which is why we are proud to commit ourselves to it.”

Cabinet Fidal – Alexandre Bron


“It is through our customers and our advisory role with many players in the sector that we have grasped the challenge of this project. Supporting the Cité therefore means supporting a major project for the entire wine sector and allowing an exceptional highlighting of everything that makes the uniqueness of the Burgundy wine culture that is so dear to us.”